To begin, we will start feeding a delicious corn porridge for breakfast to school age children.

Anyone who grew up in Haiti is familiar with this traditional breakfast called AK-100. Haitian mothers often feed their children this meal, which is known to be highly nourishing. Akasan’s (AK-100) nutritional contents were analyzed by a licensed nutritionist and her finding is noted as follows:

“Nutritional analysis of AK-100, as prepared in our home based kitchen, shows that providing this tasty traditionally acceptable and accessible breakfast drink can make a significant difference in improving the nutritional status of this age group*. It provides in one 8 oz. drink 29% of the daily caloric needs and approximately ½ the protein intake needs”
Maria E. Pizano, M.S., RD, LDN    
Cinnamon Sticks
Fine Corn Flour
Cow’s Milk
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Extract
Yield: 28 Oz = 3 ½ Cup

Nutritional value:
Serving size=1 Cup
Energy 373 Kcal
Protein 8 gm
Based on the US Recommended Daily Intake for children ages 2 to 10, a serving of 1 cup will provide on average 22% of the daily caloric needs (1300-2000 Kcal) and from 61% to 24% of recommended Protein intake for this age group.
The 2009 Humanitarian Action Report on Haiti published by UNICEF stresses:
“Twenty-Four per cent of children under age five suffer from chronic malnutrition, and 9 percent from acute malnutrition”
Our goal at SFM is to reduce this number one child at the time. The time for action is now!

* 2 years old to 8 years old