We are Sacred Farms Ministries, a not-for profit, 501(c)(3) organization, founded by Christian believers who want to demonstrate the love of Christ and respond to his call, “Feed Them Yourselves” (Matthew 14:16).
It all started with the vision of a farm. As the vision grew clearer, we knew our mission is to simply invest in agriculture, to feed malnourished children.
We count it a blessing to be associated with God’s work. When He inspired this ministry back in 2007, we had no idea how much this call was going to change our lives. Today, it is one of your greatest joy and the reason we left our careers of many years to commit fully to this ministry.

Since Sacred Farms dedication in December 2009, God’s hands have guided us every step of the way and have led to the induction of our 1st feeding program in La Saline, Port-au-Prince, in April 2010. With your help, we can’t wait to see where He takes us next.


One peaceful Sunday afternoon, in April 2007, while meditating on Scripture, Romanie had a vision of a farm that will stay with her forever. This vision revealed not just an ordinary productive farm, but a place of love, beauty and peace, where children are happy and healthy. This vision was so vivid and so
present in her memory and thoughts, that Romanie, a native of Haiti, who immigrated into the United States at 10 years old, had built a long career in banking and had never been on a farm, or thought of living on one, knew then that the Lord had called her to spend the rest of her life working toward establishing that farm.

She soon began sharing this revelation God had given her with immediate family and friends. Upon hearing the vision, Romanie’s longtime friend and prayer partner, Claude Francois, instantly became also her partner in ministry when she exclaimed: “You are speaking words that are coming out of my heart”.

The two went into constant prayer to seek confirmation and clarification from God. It did not take long for them to get the support of immediate family, church family and friends. Through the Lord’s guidance and their help, the vision grew and took shape into a not for profit organization known today as Sacred Farms Ministries.

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