It's official, WE ARE FEEDING!

On April 25th, 2010, Sacred Farms inaugurated the establishment of its first feeding station in Haiti. We are delighted to report that the Lord sent us to serve children in one of the poorest and neediest areas in Haiti, a slum near Port-au-Prince, called La Saline.

La Saline is a shantytown reputed not only for recent acts of violence that made the Haitian Capital a very dangerous city, but also for a long history of poverty, killings (it is home to the old Fort Dimanche) diseases and unrest, as well as being the place where the infamous “mud pies” consumed by the poor were prepared and purchased by the population. Thankfully this practice has been declared illegal in recent years.

Thanks to the faithful support and contribution of our partners, Sacred Farms made a difference in the lives of countless children in the area with our feeding program. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, over 150 Children, who might have had to settle for a mud pie for breakfast, enjoyed a nutritious and delicious cup of AK-100.

It is important for us to also note that 99.9% of all donations went directly to the making of the AK-100 to feed the children. Through our partnership with Evangelical Alliance of Haiti, led by Pastor Antoine Rigaud, members of the church in La Saline that hosted our feeding station volunteered their time to prepare and serve the breakfast. They were supervised by the Pastor of the Church, Rev. Jonick St. Fort who worked tirelessly to implement the vision of Sacred Farms Ministries. We praise and thank the Lord who truly sent workers out into his harvest!

Spiritual Workshop

Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our ministry. It is our commitment at Sacred Farms that in everything that we do, our purpose is to glorify God by demonstrating his love to the world.

We are humbled to report that the Lord used Sacred Farms to advance the gospel through every feeding. In fact, the children who visit our feeding station were not only served a cup of AK-100, but they also received the spiritual nourishment they need, through bible study classes at every feeding event.

The fact that our third feeding day fell on Sunday, our Sabbath day, is truly another miracle to us. We never had such plan. The Lord made it this way, when He allowed the inauguration to occur on a Sunday, and we obeyed. Since then, every Sunday thereafter, (for close to three years) over 250 children and adults enjoyed a cup AK-100 served at the church, with fresh bread purchased from local bakers. It made a big difference for people who are often unable to afford a cup of coffee before coming to church and have no hope of having a meal after church. Pastor St. Fort reported that church attendance grew steadily, and many gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We can say without reservation that through Sacred Farms, our partners truly advanced the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

“Each harvest at Sacred Farms Ministries (SFM) will contribute to feeding God’s children, advancing the gospel and cultivating the next generation of Sowers”.

The Next Step

When we suspended the feeding station in La Saline, we knew that the Lord was preparing us for the next step, namely, cultivating the land. Today, Sacred Farms is entering a new season of sowing through a project in Saint-Michel-de-Latalaye, Haiti. Our goal is to begin with a pilot coconuts farm – and simultaneously, use the land to grow vegetables.

This project is special to us, because not only it is our first agricultural endeavor, but it will also position us to serve children with autism, a group in Haiti that is often forgotten, misunderstood and neglected. Through our partnership with a ministry working with autistic children, we hope to supplement their nutrition, by providing much needed by-product of organic coconut, which studies have shown, can positively impact their health.

We believe these children are among those Jesus was referring to when he said in Matthew 25:40 … and as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my brother, you have done it for me.

We therefore invite you to prayerfully consider what role the Lord will have you play in setting up this “Sacred Farm” in Haiti. Your contribution in any shape or form to that end will be most appreciated by us, and surely honored by God

We look forward to hearing from you.

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